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How SCADA benefits the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry

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Organizations that work at all levels of the oil and gas production process (upstream, midstream, and downstream) are suitable for the use of advanced SCADA systems.

SCADA systems are powerful enough to handle the complex processes required to operate in the new oilfield. These control systems provide a stable and cost-effective solution to the needs of the oil and gas sector.

Companies typically turn into incorporating SCADA systems in their business to:

  • Oversee operations,
  • Improve efficiency
  • Minimize downtime

As we all know, the downstream oil and gas sector is responsible for receiving/refining crude oil at processing plants, and turning the oil into various products (including liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), gasoline and diesel oil).  For this reason, companies need a software system that manages and monitors the plant’s performance and output.

Furthermore, SCADA systems enable downstream processes for the inflow of the product. Operators use SCADA systems to supervise PLCs and IPCs, which focal points for a plant’s inputs and outputs. They also SCADA systems for operation/monitoring of control sensors, actuators, and other devices.

In case of unforeseen events, SCADA systems will detect errors, alert personnel and mitigate damage to help ensure safe operations.

5 Top Benefits of Using SCADA Systems in the Downstream Level

Here are a few benefits of how SCADA systems help oil and gas businesses and how these apply to the downstream operational level

1- Crucial decision-making:

Data collected by SCADA systems help companies study data carefully, evaluate trends, and develop strategic responses immediately.

2- Reduce errors 

The use of SCADA systems will eliminate potential human errors. In return, the use of automation reduces the risk for downtime and improves efficiency over time.

3- Enable Automation

Using SCADA systems allows operators to automate routine tasks. Automated operations allow for faster and more reliable project completion, and in return, increase productivity.

4- Provide Long-distance supervision 

SCADA systems allow companies to supervise and control equipment scattered in various geographic locations.  Using SCADA systems further enables reliable communications between control centers and far-flung equipment.

5- Enable Crisis response

In case of equipment failure, SCADA systems help management mitigate damages immediately and minimize environmental disasters.

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