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Why are SCADA systems essential for midstream oil and gas companies?

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Pipeline SCADA systems are essential for monitoring, controlling, and measuring flows, receipts, and deliveries to and from midstream companies. This is how their entire business works.

Since SCADA systems are an essential component in the industry, finding the right system is what makes the oil and gas midstream software decision a key one.

Top of the line SCADA systems are designed for midstream companies because they can provide:

  1. Complete solutions where everything is handled from installation to maintenance
  2. A system that is easy to use by everyone from operators to financial personnel
  3. Accurate, timely reporting for the midstream company and 3rd parties

Let's dive into the reasons why SCADA systems are ideally suited to provide the most important requirements for midstream oil and gas companies.

1- They provide reliable and affordable solutions

Top-quality SCADA systems not only provide an entire SCADA solution, but they are also the most advanced in terms of functionality and ease of use. Top-quality SCADA developers continually improve their software by solving new problems for potential customers and releasing their latest updates.

Top-quality SCADA systems also work with existing equipment users may have already installed to process data, including sensors, communication devices, and communications networks.

2- They are operated by an entire team of experts

As we all know, time is always of the essence in the midstream oil and gas industry.

Top-quality SCADA systems have a full team of experts to address every aspect of SCADA.  When it comes to installation and commissioning, these teams of experts have the ability to get a SCADA system fully functional in less than 90 days.

With many installations under their belt, these teams know what equipment works in specific situations and always ensure sure that the system is fully integrated and works seamlessly.

3. They provide real-time data 

One of the major uses of a pipeline SCADA system for midstream companies is to constantly monitor and measure the flow of liquids from and to receipt and delivery points.

So, finding the right SCADA system is a must.  Top-quality SCADA systems are known to offer remote tank level monitoring for multiple tanks or storage. It is the real-time data collection feature that makes it possible for midstream companies to stay informed on what is going on in oil or natural gas pipelines.

4. They offer remote monitoring solutions

While some SCADA systems can be known for being accurate and reliable data collection tools, not all of them offer remote monitoring options.  As we all know, data is only powerful if it can be understood and used by as many people as possible, anywhere.

This is why, top-quality SCADA systems offer mobile apps that allow many data-driven decisions to be made, no matter where people are.  These mobile apps are designed to deliver user-friendly dashboards that make it easy for users to monitor, answer questions, and quickly dive deeper into how an operation is doing.

5. They offer pipeline alarm management options

As you may be aware, pipeline SCADA alarm management is an essential part of any SCADA system. SCADA systems with alarm management options detect problems that require attention so they can be watched more closely or fixed before they become costly. Well-managed alarms can pay for a SCADA control system many times over by notifying the right people at the right time.

Top-quality SCADA systems have a wide range of alarm settings and schemes that are easy to set up and manage as needed. These systems allow users to set thresholds for items like flow rates, pressure, and line balance. 

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